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Need a quote? Call 069 31778

SVK Cromleigh Textured Slates 60 X 30

by SVK

Cromleigh Textured Slate with dressed edges and structured surface for the most natural look!

  • STRONGEST SLATES, svk slates are the strongest slates available on the other slate comes close to ourvalues concerning bending strength.this is achieved because svk exclusively use and source fibres of the best quality
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE, svk slates are extremely durable,the water absorption of our slates is, on average, half the value of other manufacturers.svk is the only manufacturer who applies a double coat of paint on the front side and edges of the slates.this low
  • HIGH QUALITY PAINTING, the quality of the paint coat on svk slatesis unequalled.svk has more than 70yrs of experience in preparition and application of paint.furthermoree,svk invested in the installation of the most modern paint line in europe.this techni
  • SUPPORT AND TECHNICAL, at svk we have a technical support tesm at your service to assist on all technical questions you have about the slates. They can assist on certification installation warranty and much more.

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