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Superser Portable Gas Heater

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Please note that this product is available for collection from our store in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick only and cannot be shipped directly.

Superser Portable Gas Heater, a reliable and efficient solution for keeping any room comfortably warm. This gas heater operates on LPG - specifically butane cylinders, providing convenience and flexibility. Designed as a radiant cabinet heater, it offers fast heat-up times and three adjustable heat settings to suit various preferences. The Superser Portable Gas Heater is exceptionally mobile with four rotary castor wheels, allowing easy relocation between rooms. It comes in an elegant Black and Grey color combination, adding a touch of style to your space.

Key Features:

  • LPG Gas Type: Specifically designed for LPG - butane cylinders, offering convenience and portability.
  • Radiant Cabinet Heater: Efficient and fast heat-up times in any room, providing warmth exactly where it's needed.
  • Highly Mobile: Equipped with four rotary castor wheels, making it easy to move around and relocate to different areas.
  • Three Heat Settings: Adjustable heat settings to cater to individual comfort preferences.
  • Container for Butane Cylinder: Conveniently incorporates a container for a standard butane cylinder, ensuring a stable fuel supply.
  • Supplied Accessories: Comes with a hose, clips, and regulator for easy setup and use.
  • Dimensions: Compact dimensions of 70cm (height), 31cm (depth), and 42cm (width) for versatile placement in various spaces.
  • Safety Features:
    • Flame Failure Device: Ensures the gas supply is cut off if the flame is extinguished for any reason.
    • Oxygen Depletion System (ODS): Shuts down the heater if the oxygen level in the room drops significantly, ensuring safe operation even in poorly ventilated areas.
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