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Semin Universal Bonding Compound Plasterboard Adhesive 20kg

by Semin
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Please note that this product is available for collection from our store in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick only and cannot be shipped directly.

Semin Universal Bonding Compound Plasterboard Adhesive in a convenient 20kg package – your reliable choice for direct bonding plasterboards to masonry walls. This versatile adhesive is specially formulated to bond various materials, including plasterboard, polystyrene, and glass wool, to a wide range of masonry substrates. With its exceptional features, Semin Universal Bonding Compound streamlines your plasterboard installation process.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Bonding: Ideal for direct bonding of plasterboards to masonry walls, offering compatibility with various materials such as plasterboard, polystyrene, and glass wool.
  • Broad Compatibility: Bonds efficiently to the majority of masonry substrates, ensuring a secure and durable attachment for your plasterboard installations.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for convenience, Semin Universal Bonding Compound is easy to mix and apply, providing a user-friendly experience during your plasterboard projects.
  • Adjustable Dabs: Allows quick application of dabs, facilitating easy adjustment during the boarding process for precise and efficient installations.
  • Accommodates Irregularities: Capable of accommodating nominal background irregularities, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface for your plasterboard applications.
  • Handy 20kg Packaging: The 20kg package provides an ample supply of bonding compound for your projects, ensuring you have enough material on hand.
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