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Hanging Wooden House Bird Feeder

SKU 17540

Introducing our versatile Wooden Bird Feeder, a charming addition to your garden or balcony. Its classic square design, complete with a pitched roof and spacious feeding tray, not only adds rustic elegance but also invites a flurry of wild birds. Customizable with paint, this feeder allows you to match your style, while its design makes it perfect for seeds and nuts. Hang it in various garden spots or on your balcony, and watch as your feathered friends flock to enjoy a delightful feast.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Design: Paint it to match your outdoor decor and personal style.
  • Bird Magnet: Attracts a variety of wild birds to your garden or balcony.
  • Seed and Nut-Friendly: Ideal for providing nourishment with seeds and nuts.
  • Easy Hanging: Can be hung in different garden locations for convenience and visibility.

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