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Tec7 GT7 Penetrating Spray Oil 200Ml

SKU GT7230102
by Tec7

Tec7 GT7, a versatile 200ml solution that combines the power of a moisture repellent, penetrating oil, lubricant, contact spray, cleaner, and protective agent all in a single package. Its key features include rust-fighting capabilities, silencing creaks and squeaks, effortless oxidation removal, and the creation of a long-lasting, transparent, moisture-repelling layer for exceptional protection.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose marvel: A single product that serves multiple functions.
  • Rust resistance: Effectively combats and prevents rust.
  • Silence and comfort: Eliminates annoying creaks and squeaks.
  • Oxidation control: Easily detaches oxidation for enhanced performance.
  • Lasting protection: Forms a transparent moisture-repelling layer for enduring safeguarding.

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