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Silage Tape 75mm X 18M Black Agri Tape

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Silage Tape 75mm X 18M, your reliable and versatile solution for repair tasks on the farm. This extra-wide, high-strength PVC tape is specifically designed for a range of applications, from silage patching to electrical insulation and banding. The black Agri Tape is an essential tool for farmers, providing ultra-strong and weather-resistant properties. Ensure a quick and effective repair for punctured and damaged bales with Silage Tape.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Agricultural Tape: Silage Tape is a multipurpose, high-strength PVC tape suitable for various farm applications, including silage patching, electrical insulation, and banding.
  • Extra-Wide Design (75mm X 18M): With a width of 75mm and a length of 18 meters, this tape provides generous coverage for efficient repairs across different tasks.
  • Ultra-Strong Construction: Crafted for durability, Silage Tape offers exceptional strength, ensuring reliable performance in demanding agricultural environments.
  • Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, this tape remains effective in protecting and repairing punctured and damaged bales.
  • Black Agri Tape: The black color enhances visibility and ensures that the tape seamlessly blends into farm equipment and structures.
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