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Roundup Basic XL Weed Killer 5L

by Roundup
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Tackle garden weeds effectively with Roundup Basic XL Weed Killer 5L—a high-volume solution for professional weed control. This foliar-applied translocated herbicide combines contact and systemic properties to efficiently eliminate both annual and perennial grasses, as well as broadleaf weeds and plants. With a fast and effective control mechanism, this 5-liter concentrated weed killer provides ample coverage for large areas. Dilute as per instructions for targeted application, ensuring thorough and precise weed management in your garden. Trust Roundup Basic XL for a reliable and potent solution to keep your outdoor space free from unwanted vegetation.

Key Features:

  • Large Volume: Roundup Basic XL Weed Killer comes in a generous 5-liter volume, offering ample coverage for extensive weed control in your garden.
  • Foliar Applied Translocated Herbicide: This weed killer is a foliar-applied translocated herbicide, combining contact and systemic properties for comprehensive weed elimination.
  • Contact & Systemic Action: Acts as both a contact and systemic herbicide, effectively targeting and eradicating both grasses and broadleaf weeds or plants.
  • Fast & Effective Control: Delivers fast and efficient control of garden weeds, ensuring a swift and thorough solution to unwanted vegetation.
  • Concentrated Formula: With a concentrated formula, this weed killer provides potent and targeted weed control, allowing for dilution as per instructions for effective application.
  • Dilute as Per Instructions: Follow the provided instructions for dilution, enabling precise and efficient application tailored to your specific weed management needs.
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