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Pest Free Zone Grip n Grab Litter Picker 120cm

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Effortlessly maintain a clean environment with the Pest Free Zone Grip n Grab Litter Picker. This 120cm litter picker offers simplicity and convenience in waste collection. Its lightweight design ensures ease of use, while the trigger mechanism and sure grip jaws provide a secure hold on litter. The added magnet on the tip of the jaw enhances efficiency by attracting metallic objects. With the capability to lift up to 1kg, this litter picker is a reliable tool for keeping your surroundings tidy.

Key Features:

  • Simple to Use: User-friendly design ensures easy and straightforward operation.
  • Lightweight: A lightweight construction for comfortable handling during extended use.
  • Trigger Mechanism: Equipped with a trigger mechanism for effortless litter grabbing.
  • Sure Grip Jaws: Jaws designed for a secure and reliable grip on various types of litter.
  • Magnetised Tip: Includes a magnet on the jaw's tip for efficiently collecting metallic objects.
  • 1kg Lifting Capacity: Capable of lifting items weighing up to 1kg, making it a versatile tool for waste removal.
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