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Mannok 2400mmx1200mm Therm Floor PIR Insulation 150mm

by Mannok
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Please note that this product is available for collection from our store in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick only and cannot be shipped directly.

Mannok 2400mmx1200mm Therm Floor PIR Insulation 150mm, a cutting-edge insulation solution designed for superior performance in various construction projects. Mannok Therm Floor / MF boasts a high-performance, fibre-free board featuring a rigid thermoset insulation core and double-sided low emissivity composite foil facing. Its robust compressive strength enables it to withstand both dead and imposed loads, making it an ideal choice for domestic and commercial builds.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Insulation: Mannok Therm Floor / MF ensures exceptional thermal insulation with its advanced rigid thermoset core, contributing to energy efficiency and reduced heat loss.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for new builds and refurbishment projects, this insulation board excels in both domestic and commercial settings, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  • Optimized for Underfloor Heating: Engineered with specific properties to enhance the performance of underfloor heating systems, providing a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.
  • Air Infiltration Reduction: Ideal for suspended timber floors, Mannok Therm Floor / MF employs an air infiltration method to minimize heat loss, making it an efficient solution for upgrading existing floor thermal performance.
  • Comprehensive Solution: With a size of 2400mmx1200mm and a thickness of 150mm, Mannok Therm Floor / MF offers a comprehensive solution for various insulation needs, ensuring convenience and effectiveness.
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