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Loo Boss Toilet Cleaner 1L

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Loo Boss Toilet Cleaner in a convenient 1L bottle, your powerful solution for keeping toilets and urinals clean and fresh. With its strong acid-based formula containing 28% hydrochloric acid and special surface active agents, this cleaner effortlessly removes limescale and encrusted stains, restoring shine and freshness without the need for excessive scrubbing. Its liquid formulation makes it easy to use - simply pour around the rim of the bowl and let it dissolve stubborn dirt and scale. For safety, please wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection during use. Loo Boss Toilet Cleaner is your go-to choice for maintaining sparkling clean and hygienic restroom facilities.

Key Features:

  • Strong acid-based descaler effectively removes limescale and encrusted stains
  • Liquid formulation reduces the need for difficult scrubbing
  • Contains 28% hydrochloric acid and special surface active agents for powerful cleaning action
  • Convenient 1L bottle for easy application and storage
  • Safety instructions provided for proper usage
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