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Kettle Boss Multi Purpose Descaler 500ml

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Kettle Boss Multi-Purpose Descaler in a convenient 500ml size, your ultimate solution for eliminating stubborn limescale buildup in kitchens and bathrooms. With its powerful formula containing 40% formic acid, this liquid effortlessly dissolves limescale deposits without the need for scrubbing, leaving surfaces sparkling clean within minutes. Ideal for descaling kettles, shower heads, steam irons, coffee makers, and more, it effectively removes the dull and grubby film of scale, restoring surfaces to their pristine condition. For optimal results, please follow the instructions on the pack and use suitable gloves and eye/face protection during application.

Key Features:

  • Powerful formula with 40% formic acid effectively removes limescale buildup
  • No scrubbing required; simply apply and watch limescale dissolve within minutes
  • Versatile usage for descaling various appliances and surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Restores surfaces to a sparkling clean, eliminating dull and grubby scale residue
  • Convenient 500ml size for easy application and storage
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