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Need a quote? Call 069 31778

Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll 100mm / 4"

by Isover
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Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll, a top-tier glass mineral wool insulation designed for superior thermal performance. This insulation roll comes pre-perforated into convenient 3 x 386cm and 2 x 580cm widths, perfectly fitting between common joist spacings in loft applications. It's also an excellent choice for suspended timber ground floors and flat roofs.

Key Features:

  • Thermal Conductivity 0.044 W/mK: Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll boasts a low thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK, ensuring high-quality thermal insulation to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance: Experience outstanding acoustic performance, making this insulation roll ideal for creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment.
  • Excellent Fire Safety - A1 Fire Rated: Prioritize safety with A1 fire-rated insulation, providing reliable protection against fire hazards in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency Boost: Enhance energy performance, reduce heating and cooling costs, and create a more sustainable living or working space.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Crafted from recycled glass, this insulation minimizes manufacturing waste and contributes to a more environmentally conscious building solution.
  • Vapour Permeable Breathable Insulation: Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll ensures optimal breathability, preventing moisture buildup and promoting a healthier living environment.
  • Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with user-friendly features, making the insulation process efficient and straightforward.
  • Generous Pack Size: Each pack contains 11.78 x 1.2m (3x386mm or 2x580mm), providing a total coverage area of 14.13m2 for comprehensive insulation.

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