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Growise Multi Purpose Compost with John Innes - 50L

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Please note that this product is available for collection from our store in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick only and cannot be shipped directly.

Elevate your gardening endeavors with the Bord na Móna Growise Premium Multipurpose Compost with John Innes 50 Litre. This high-quality, all-round compost is perfect for various gardening tasks, from sowing seeds to transplanting seedlings and filling hanging baskets. Infused with John Innes organic compost, it ensures superior moisture and nutrient buffering for healthier plants. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With nutrient and moisture retention properties, it is designed for optimal plant growth, making it an excellent choice for vibrant blooms.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Gardening Companion: Suitable for sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, rooting cuttings, filling hanging baskets, and planting trees and shrubs in flower beds.
  • John Innes Organic Compost Infusion: Enriched with John Innes organic compost, providing enhanced moisture and nutrient buffering for bigger, brighter, and healthier plants.
  • Nutrient and Moisture Retention: Retains more nutrients and moisture, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and development.
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor gardening, catering to a variety of planting scenarios.
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