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Stanley Erin Eco Central Heating Stove Matt Black

The Stanley Erin Stove is not only beautifully designed but is also very efficient. It generates 20kW of heat output and heats up to 20 radiators when the fire brick is removed. If you leave the fire brick in place it generates 14.2kW of heat output and this heats up to six radiators. It sends out 4.5kW to the room and 9.7kW to the boiler so this is ideal for heating a small  / medium size room along with the radiators.

It has a gorgeous matt black finish and is Eco Design 2022 approved. This is the new standard in stove design that ensures improved efficiency while producing less pollutants. This boasts an efficiency level of 79.2% which is three times more efficient than an open fire.

You can really control this stove well thanks to the primary and secondary air intakes and the water temperature is controlled via the thermostat. The removeable ash pan means you can clean this out easily and there is an air wash facility to help clean the glass.

You can burn overnight if you wish and this comes with a fantastic five year guarantee. The flue can be located on either the top or the back so you have flexibility in terms of installation.

Key features:

  • High quality boiler stove with 20kW (with fire brick removed – 14.2kW output with fire brick in place)
  • Matt black finish
  • Heats up to 10-12 radiators with fire brick removed plus heats room
  • Heats up to 6 radiators with fire brick in place plus heats the room
  • Eco Design approved – meets new EU standards for efficiency and pollutants
  • Thermostatic water temperature control
  • Clean burn technology with primary and secondary air intakes for ultimate control
  • 79.2% efficiency
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Tested & approved to European standard – EN 13240
  • Top and rear flue exit
  • Multi fuel stove

This is a multi fuel stove so you can burn seasoned logs and wood, anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel and peat briquettes. You should not burn anything with a high moisture content as this will not be as effective and may damage your stove.

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