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Douglas Methylated Spirits 500ml

by Douglas
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Douglas Mineralised Methylated Spirits—an essential solvent with a multitude of applications. Specifically crafted as a solvent for knotting solutions, spirit-based varnishes, certain spirit-based paints, and French Polish, this mineralised methylated spirits is a reliable choice for various finishing applications. Beyond its role in the finishing process, it serves as an effective cleaner for both paintwork and glassware and is instrumental in wiping away resinous matter from knots, preparing the surface for Douglas Patent Knotting application. Additionally, it finds utility as a clean-burning fuel for heating or cooking purposes, ensuring a clear flame. This denatured spirit is carefully blended with Methanol, making it unsuitable for human consumption, and dyed purple for easy identification.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Solvent: Ideal for knotting solutions, spirit-based varnishes, certain paints, and French Polish applications.
  • Effective Cleaner: Cleans paintwork and glassware, while also preparing surfaces by removing resinous matter from knots.
  • Clean-Burning Fuel: Can be used as a fuel for heating or cooking, providing a clean flame.
  • Denatured Spirit: Blended with Methanol to render it unfit for human consumption.
  • Distinctive Purple Dye: Dyed purple for easy identification and differentiation from other spirits.
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