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Dargan 24" Pipe Wrench

Original price €44.99 - Original price €44.99
Original price
€44.99 - €44.99
Current price €44.99

The Dargan 24" Pipe Wrench is a high strength heavy-duty pipe wrench, ideal for any plumber's toolset. Features a sturdy ductile iron handle offering long durability, drop forged, heat treated jaws and nuts, precision machine teeth grip pipes securely, spring loaded head provides fast jaw grip and release and self-cleaning threads with easily replaceable hooks and heel jaws. Designed with a floating forged hook jaw for superior grip and quick adjustments. 

Key features:

  • 24" wrench

  • Heavy duty 

  • Ductile iron handle

  • Heat treated jaws and nuts

  • Precision machine teeth 

  • Spring laded head


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