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Dargan 11" Plastering Trowel

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Dargan 11" Plastering Trowel, your professional-quality tool for achieving smooth and precise finishes in plastering applications. Featuring a high-grade flexible blade, this trowel allows for effortless maneuverability and superior control during use. The ergonomically designed soft grip handle ensures comfort and reduces hand fatigue, enabling extended periods of work without discomfort. Constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum shank, this trowel provides durability and stability for consistent performance. Additionally, the lightweight and balanced design enhance usability and minimize user fatigue, resulting in professional-quality results with every use. Upgrade your toolkit with the Dargan 11" Plastering Trowel for efficient and reliable plastering work.

Key Features:

  • 11" plastering trowel for achieving smooth and precise finishes
  • High-grade flexible blade for effortless maneuverability
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfort and reduced hand fatigue
  • Heavy-duty aluminum shank for durability and stability
  • Lightweight and balanced design for enhanced usability and minimized user fatigue
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