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Alfaflex 1" 25 metres

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Alfaflex 1" (12.5mm) Water Hose, a top-tier water supply solution with a 25-meter length, designed for superior performance in both domestic and industrial applications. This high-quality hose boasts exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for various purposes, including water supply and irrigation. The Alfaflex water hose features a five-layer construction for durability and functionality. The innermost layer utilizes pure PVC, followed by a layer of recycled PVC, while the exterior layer is crafted from flexible UV-proof PVC. The incorporation of Special ATH (Anti Torsion Hose) reinforcement effectively reduces torsion under pressure, enhancing its reliability. Additionally, this hose is made from 100% recyclable PVC, aligning with sustainability practices.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and High-Quality: Alfaflex 1" Water Hose offers superior flexibility and high-quality performance for water supply and irrigation needs in domestic and industrial settings.
  • Five-Layer Construction: Designed with a five-layer structure, including a pure PVC inner layer, recycled PVC intermediate layer, and UV-proof flexible PVC outer layer for durability.
  • Anti Torsion Hose (ATH) Reinforcement: The incorporation of Special ATH reinforcement reduces torsion under pressure, ensuring reliable and efficient water flow.
  • 25-Meter Length: With a generous 25-meter coil length, this water hose provides ample reach for various applications.
  • Sustainable Choice: Crafted from 100% recyclable PVC, the Alfaflex water hose aligns with sustainability practices, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
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