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10L PVC Watering Can

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10L PVC Watering Can, a durable and reliable addition to your gardening essentials. This robust green watering can boasts a 10-litre capacity, perfect for keeping your garden plants healthy during the warmer months. Its modern design not only ensures functionality but also adds a touch of style to your gardening setup. The watering can features a detachable sprinkler rose, allowing precise control over water flow, and a convenient wrap-around handle for effortless carrying. The long spout facilitates easy and targeted watering, contributing to the growth of your beautiful plants and flowers. With a built-in storage point for the rose, this watering can is a practical and efficient choice for maintaining a wonderful garden.

Key Features:

  • 10-Litre Capacity: Generous capacity for efficient watering and maintaining the health of your garden plants.
  • Modern Design: The green watering can boasts a modern design, adding a stylish touch to your gardening ensemble.
  • Detachable Sprinkler Rose: Equipped with a detachable rose for precise water flow control and efficient watering.
  • Wrap-Around Handle: The wrap-around handle ensures easy and comfortable carrying during your gardening tasks.
  • Convenient Storage: Features a handy storage point for the detachable sprinkler rose when not in use, keeping everything organized and within reach.
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