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Henley Skellig 8kW Freestanding Stove


Skellig multi-fuel stove, a cornerstone of the Henley collection renowned for its consistent popularity. Crafted from high-quality heavy cast iron, this stove is available in both room heater and boiler versions, offering versatility in matt black and enamel finishes. 

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Build: Constructed from durable cast iron, the Skellig stove is built to last, ensuring years of reliable performance.
  • Design Aesthetics: Embracing a traditional design, it adds a classic touch to any space, available in Matt Black, Enamel Black, and Enamel Cream finishes.
  • Flexible Flue Options: The stove accommodates a 153mm (6") flue and offers both top and rear flue outlet options for ease of installation.
  • Fuel Versatility: Capable of burning both multi-fuel and wood, it caters to various heating preferences.
  • Clean View: The Skellig stove features an airwash system that keeps the glass clean by drawing in external air, allowing for clear and captivating views of the flames.
  • Impressive Output: With an 8kW output, it's well-suited for medium-sized rooms, providing ample warmth.
  • Warranty Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on the stove body and a 1-year warranty on the baffle plate, grate, and fuel retainer.
  • Room Size Compatibility: Designed for medium-sized rooms, it efficiently heats spaces of this scale.
  • Easy Maintenance: The stove includes a 12mm x 1600mm rope for sealing and sealing maintenance.
  • Weight and Construction: Weighing in at 130kg, the Skellig stove is robustly built for durability.

Choose the Skellig multi-fuel stove for a reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient heating solution that combines timeless design with modern functionality. Its cast iron construction, warranty coverage, and clean glass feature make it a standout choice for your heating needs.

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