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Hamco Glendine 8kW Stove

by Hamco

Discover the exceptional features of the Glendine Dry Stove, a stylish and efficient heating solution. Boasting a remarkable 79% efficiency, this stove combines functionality with an attractive cast iron construction. Choose between the optional top or rear flue outlet to suit your installation preferences. The external riddling system simplifies maintenance, ensuring convenient ash removal. Experience long-lasting warmth as the stove retains heat even after the fire has expired. Versatile in fuel options, the Glendine Dry Stove accommodates both wood and solid fuels, providing flexibility for your heating needs. Enjoy a clear view of the flames with the powerful airwash system that helps keep the glass clean, enhancing both the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your heating experience.

Key Features:

  1. 79% Efficiency: Experience optimal heating efficiency with the Glendine Dry Stove, providing warmth while minimizing fuel consumption.
  2. Attractive Cast Iron Construction: Elevate your space with the stove's visually appealing cast iron construction, combining style with functionality.
  3. Optional Flue Outlet: Choose between a top or rear flue outlet, allowing flexibility in installation to suit your specific requirements.
  4. External Riddling System: Simplify maintenance with the external riddling system, making ash removal easy and convenient.
  5. Versatile Fuel Options: Burn either wood or solid fuels, adapting the stove to your fuel preferences and ensuring compatibility with a variety of heating materials.
  6. Powerful Airwash: Enjoy a clear and captivating view of the flames, thanks to the powerful airwash system that helps keep the glass clean, enhancing both efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

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