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Need a quote? Call 069 31778

Rockwool Insulation 150mm 4.38M2

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Rockwool Insulation with a thickness of 150mm, this versatile solution is designed for lightweight thermal and acoustic cladding applications, making it ideal for the external walls and roofs of metal-framed buildings. The insulation offers excellent fire protection and soundproofing performance, ensuring a safe and quiet environment. Available in various thicknesses, the product consists of a lightweight and flexible mat, providing flexibility to suit different project requirements. Choose from options with or without aluminum facing, and enjoy the convenience of a compression-wrapped roll for easy handling and installation.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for thermal and acoustic cladding in the external walls and roofs of metal-framed buildings.
  • Fire Protection: Provides effective fire protection, enhancing safety in diverse construction settings.
  • Soundproofing Performance: Offers soundproofing capabilities, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable environment.
  • Variety of Thicknesses: Available in multiple thickness options to cater to specific insulation requirements.
  • Lightweight and Flexible Mat: The insulation features a lightweight and flexible mat for ease of handling and installation.
  • Aluminium Facing Options: Choose between insulation with or without aluminum facing based on project needs.
  • Compression Wrapped Roll: Supplied as a compression-wrapped roll, ensuring convenient and efficient installation processes.

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